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Interior Services

At Chi Grace Designs, we are your trusted partners in interior design, offering a range of services tailored to enhance your living and working spaces

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Interior Design

Residential & Commercial Interior Styling

From professional productivity to personalized luxury, Chi Grace Designs enhances your spaces. Elevate your business environment with functional and aesthetically pleasing Commercial Interior Design. Experience luxury and comfort at home with our High-End Residential Interior Design, reflecting your unique style seamlessly. 

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Product Sourcing

Access an exclusive world of design with our product sourcing expertise. We curate unique pieces that infuse personality into your space, from furnishings to decor.

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Organizing & Decluttering

We bring order and tranquility to your spaces. Our decluttering and organizing solutions optimize functionality and promote a sense of serenity.

Luxury Villa

Home Staging

​Unlock the potential of your property and maximize its market value with Chi Grace Designs' expert Home Staging services. Our team specializes in transforming spaces into inviting and aspirational showcases that captivate potential buyers, leaving a lasting impression.

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