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Our Work

Welcome to Chi Grace Designs, where creativity meets functionality. As the architect of impactful websites, distinctive logos, and engaging social media posts, we invite you to explore our portfolio. Our work is a testament to our commitment to delivering unique digital experiences that elevate brands. From polished websites to compelling logos and social media content, we specialize in bringing your brand vision to life. Discover the essence of digital innovation with Chi Grace Designs.

Maduro Mobile Cigar Lounge

For Maduro Mobile Cigar Lounge, I crafted a sophisticated online presence with a touch of mystique. The website seamlessly integrates online booking capabilities, allowing clients to easily schedule appointments. The design exudes luxury and sophistication, using a backdrop of smoke and tones of gold, gray, and black to create an atmosphere befitting the brand. A curated photo gallery showcases the elegance of the lounge, while exclusive booking packages add a tailored touch to the client experience. Experience the allure of Maduro Mobile Cigar Lounge through a website that reflects the epitome of luxury.

TSO Corporate Signature Gallery

Experience the epitome of refined elegance in our project for TSO Corporate Signature Gallery, an exclusive event space. The website design exudes a clean, upscale aura, meticulously organized for a seamless user experience. Incorporating online booking, streamlined quote requests, and personalized pricing packages, the site offers both convenience and sophistication. In tandem with the website, our logo design amplifies the upscale brand image desired by the client. Carefully crafted to communicate exclusivity, the logo harmonizes seamlessly with the overall aesthetic of the site. This project encapsulates meticulous design, reflecting our commitment to delivering a tailored and sophisticated digital presence.

The Roots Initiative

Our website project for The Roots Initiative, a non-profit youth organization, embodies a clean, urban upscale aesthetic, reflecting our commitment to both professionalism and inclusivity. Seamlessly integrated online events and ticket sales platforms facilitate community engagement, while our subscription feature keeps visitors connected. Minimalist design elements and concrete backgrounds evoke a sense of modernity and authenticity, while subtle animations bring vitality to every page. High-quality photos and a captivating opening video on the homepage provide an immersive experience for visitors.

Black Mom Ish

Our website project for this esteemed organization embodies an elegant, chic, and minimalist design aesthetic, reflecting our commitment to sophistication and inclusivity. Seamlessly integrated features such as online events with ticket sales and a podcast platform facilitate community engagement, while our subscription option keeps visitors connected. High-quality images of everyday Black women adorn every page, accompanied by clean lines and subtle animations that breathe life into the design. Shades of pink, gold, and black, echoing the logo colors, unify the website elements for a cohesive brand identity.

Divergent Clothing Company

For this project, I developed a dynamic online platform that blends fashion with functionality. The website boasts a modern, fun, and urban aesthetic, perfectly aligned with the client's brand identity. Visitors can explore a diverse range of sensory-friendly clothing options through the fully integrated online store, complete with secure checkout options including credit cards, Apple Pay, PayPal, and Google Pay. Features like site subscriptions and a media page highlight the client's community engagement and recognition. With animated movement and dynamic design elements throughout, this project exemplifies my commitment to creating visually appealing and user-friendly websites.

Children's center for creative learning

 This project called for a vibrant website. Embracing a playful minimalist aesthetic, the site captures the essence of youthful energy and creativity. Vibrant colors like blue, orange, and green infuse the design with a sense of joy and excitement, while high-quality images featuring live shots of the students add authenticity and warmth. Through strategic use of movement and dynamic elements, I brought the site to life, engaging visitors and immersing them in the playful atmosphere of the center. Key features such as the embedded enrollment form and contact us page streamline communication and facilitate seamless interaction. 

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